About Me

A little something about me.

Before I became a counsellor, I worked in the music, design and media industries for 20 years in sales and international marketing management. The experience and benefit of my own therapy led me to train as a psychodynamic counsellor. I worked for University of Cambridge’s counselling service for several years before establishing my own private practice. An understanding of a wide range of business issues also led me to train as an executive coach. I often use coaching skills in my work and I have a particular interest in helping my clients improve their relationships by exploring ways in which they communicate – be that as a couple, within the family or in the workplace. In 2009, I became involved with the family law community and realised the huge benefit that therapeutic work has with individuals going through divorce and separation which then led me to train as a family mediator.

Whether I’m working with a couple going through a divorce, with an individual struggling with anxiety or helping a senior manager develop leadership skills, my goal is to listen carefully, to really hear what they’re saying (or not saying) and to help clients find their own answers in a supportive environment. When working with couples or groups, I believe that an ability to identify the dynamics is essential. I am able to listen and hear people at a deep level, to pick up the threads that emerge and weave them together or find a way of addressing difficult issues that remain unspoken. I believe in openness, honesty and authenticity and I bring energy, warmth and frankness to all my client relationships.

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